Complete package includes:

1 RED Scarlet-X Brain with Allstar A-Mount

3 128Gb SSD Redmags

1 RED Touch 5" LCD with Red arm & cable

Choice of Prime Lenses, either Leica or Zeiss

1 Chrosziel 206-01 follow focus (with      whip/speed crank)

Chrosziel swing-matte box


1 Cartoni Focus HD head and 2-stage tripod

1 17" Marshall monitor (V-LCD17H-3G)

1 50' bnc cable

1 V-Mount Battery plate

3 RED Bricks & V-Mount Charger

1 Sliding top handle

1 Wooden Camera riser with
     15mm rod mount

1 shoulder mount & front handle assembly

1 7" Onboard monitor (HDMI)

1 Redstation SSD Reader

1 Tiffen 4"x4" Hot Mirror IR filter
1 4"x4" Circular Polarizer
1 4"x4" ND .3
1 4"x4" ND .6
1 4"x4" ND .9

*PL and DSMC Canon mount also available.

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